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.:The Doll Zone:.

I will no longer be updating The Doll Zone. Last update was 7/21/2009.
If this is your first visit, be sure to get comfortable before browsing... There are over a thousand dolls on this site. You may have to bookmark it and come back another time. And as it states below - Enjoy!
Most of the dolls featured on this site are Korean-made dolls, which include Candy Bar, Net Marble, Karin, Say Club, Eduland, Maxmp3, Lemonball, Com2zoa, Entica, Gameup, Gamevil, Prideavata, Lettee, Dearyou, Buddybuddy, Pricequiz, Bugs, and Etang.
I have also snagged/adopted a variety of dolls from link-free sites. (See my disclaimer at the bottom of the page.) Shirley's Dolls, Pinkland dolls, and Debbi's dolls are some of my very favorite! Navigation links are at the top of each page and also at the bottom of each page.

The credits for the dolls appear toward the bottom of this page. Though the majority of the doll sites are in Korean, it's fairly simple to navigate without knowing the language.
The sites also have doll makers, which can be used to create your own dolls.

You are about to enter... The Doll Zone...

All CandyBar, NetMarble, SayClub, MaxMp3, Eduland, Lemonball, Com2zoa, Lettee, Pride.avata, Dearyou, Buddybuddy, Gameup, Gamevil, and Bugs dolls are copyright to their respective owners and are not in any way associated or owned by me. Please visit the original creators here:

The Doll House is now closed. I was sorry to see that it was no longer online because it was one of the Internet's best!

Lizzie's Hideaway Dolls (logo above) is now a members only site.


Some of the images on this site were found on public domain - no copywrite, no link back - or were made for or by me, except where credit given. Should you recognize an image as being yours, I did not steal it from you, but rather I obtained it elsewhere. It is not my intent to steal another's work.