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The Elderly Dogs Board Bridge Kids

Our Beloved Bridge Kids ~ Photos and Tributes


We're always with you. Just look inside your heart.
Love Always, The Bridge Kids

"Many lovely things are destined to be with us for only a certain period of time. We know the beauties of nature have their time and their season. We cannot hold them even if we would. Flowers come into new bud and reach their glorious blooms, but they must pass out of our lives in the season of frost. Yet we are the richer for having seen them, touched them and enjoyed their fragrance. How much more rewarding, then, is the life of a loved on who leaves a heritage of loving memories with us that can never die. And how truly and wisely it has been said, 'God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.'"

Loved & missed by CL-Gsalem

^RITA-MAE^ - 7/4/2002
Loved & missed by Ruth.s
Ruth said of ^Rita-Mae^ (above) ~ It is my favourite picture of her and always makes me want to kiss her soft little nose.
Loved & missed by Waitingfor_2005
Yorkie ^Tristan^ (above) came from a friend of a friend who ran a kennel. I was single, lonely, depressed, and jealous of my younger brother who had married and had a baby on the way. They had Christine, I got Tristan who I named after the character in James Herriott's books and TV series about a country vet in the Yorkshire Dales of England,  All Creatures Great and Small. The younger brother of Siegfried who had a heart of gold, and a spark of mischief in his eye...yep, that's my Tristan.
6 yrs ago, Tristan was attacked in our own yard by a neighbor's Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mix and seriously injured. Due to excellent care from Dr. Lizabeth Wright, he miraculously recovered 30+ stitches later. And I thank God for giving me a few more years with my man.  He suffers from seizures from the attack and his eyes don't tear, so we put drops and "the goop" in them 3 X's a day to ward off infection. He has been on a special diet most of his life because of  gastritis, and recently had some dental work done to treat an absess and infection. As always, Tristan pulled through like a trooper. He is in fact one of my heroes and the best friend I ever had.
In Memory of Edgar Allen Pug 2/6/89-2/2/02
Loved & missed by Glebou

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^LUCKY^ 1990 - 2000
Loved & missed by Champagneonice
"It is not that I am lonely for you; I am mutilated for you were a part of me."
In memory of Pbear2000's beloved ^Jocko^ who went to the Bridge on October 18, 2002.
In memory of ^Tammi^ furangel of Apropo, March 17, 2003.
Loved & missed by Soopermum62
Soopermum62 said this of ^K.C.^ (above) ~  born on 6/1/1989 and is a Virginian Native. Transplanted at the age of 3 to Michigan. K.C. stands for Knight of Charisma. He is a Brittany. He likes nothing better than a good bone and a warm kid to snuggle with(Pizza crusts and spaghetti come in a close 2nd LOL). His hobbies are playing with "his" kitties and barking at squirrels, kids, strange cats and dogs. Pet him and he is your friend for life. He once saved my daughter from being kidnapped. Sara can still remember that day. (she was only 3). 
 (No, there is nothing wrong with his nose. He had to lick as I was taking the picture.)  
Loved & missed by Cuppatea
I only had ^Flossie^ (above) a short time but in that time she made a huge place in my heart. Now that she is gone, I have an empty spot that was her. Flossie had such a rough life and was so happy to be in a home with love finally. I won't forget how she would look at you with love in her eyes. I only wish that she had been able to be with us for much longer. I will miss my little "scooter-butt" but will remember her unconditional love and devotion.
Loved & missed by Wordyone
^Smokey^ (above) ~ My family adopted Smokey from our county humane society in October of 1990, when he was about a year old. He is a Collie mix and the sweetest dog I've ever known. He's a companion on walks, a comforter when I'm feeling down, and a very happy camper when my husband and he go up North on
their once a year "guys' week" camping trip. To Smokey, everyone and everything is his friend. He's never met a person or animal he didn't like

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Our animals shepherd us through certain eras of our lives. When we are ready to turn the corner and make it on our own, they let us go. ~author unknown


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